My House Was Damaged by a Flood but now It’s a Water Event?

When it comes to photographs, they evoke a ton of information, ergo why the saying is they are worth 1,000 words. Unfortunately, when it comes to home insurance, no photograph defines flood coverage. Instead, what matters is how the wording is phrased in a given protection plan. The term "flood" is commonly used to communicate being inundated by a lot of water in Groveport, OH and elsewhere. However, in the insurance world, a "flood" is a very specific result that occurs due to certain conditions. Depending on the policy type and crafting, that event could be caused by the rising of a river, ocean, lake, or nearby body of natural water. But it wouldn’t cover the rising water level inside a home due to a broken water pipe, nor would it necessarily cover a flash flood of draining water coming down a mountainside. Yet both, from a layman’s perspective, are flood events in a home damaged by them.

Flooding and water damage events are two very different things, so it’s extremely important for a homeowner to understand the difference when reviewing or obtaining coverage for a home, especially if the home is in an area prone to excessive moisture or near a water source. Too often folks just trust default language in a policy, and then find out the hard way how it will be interpreted by an insurance provider. The folks at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC can help. They have regularly handled damage claims and events for consumers in Groveport, OH, and they can apply that experience to specific situations for planning and help. Don’t find out if you’re covered for a flood in your home the hard way; give Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC a call and get a quote.