Do Home Insurance Policies Cover Flooding?

When we purchase a new home, we also purchase homeowner’s insurance policies. These tools financially protect us should an unexpected disaster damage or destroy your home or outbuildings on the property. This level of protection is also required by most mortgage lenders which are typically part of the terms of the loan. 

Having an adequate policy in place protects both the homeowner and the lender financially. Unless the property is located in a high-risk area, most homeowners may not be aware of their flooding risk. Also, many homeowners may assume that damage from flood events is covered under their current policy. However, home insurance policies do not cover flood-related damage. The team at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC works with homeowners in the Columbus, OH area to ensure that they carry adequate coverage for their property. They can also help the homeowner understand their level of flood risk. 

When a home is located in an area that has a moderate or low-risk for flooding, homeowners may need to give some consideration as to whether or not they want the additional coverage that a flood insurance policy provides. The team at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC can talk with you about the options that are available. As a homeowner, having the best information available allows you to make the best decisions. 

Some homeowners in the Columbus, OH area opt to carry flood insurance even though they are at moderate flood risk. This is because the costs associated with flood damage can be substantial. It has been calculated that a 1,000 square foot home that with 1 foot of flood water will result in damages of approximately $27,150. For some, the minimal additional premium is worth the cost should the unexpected occur. The team at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC are your partners. Call us for more information today!

Tornado Safety for Your Family and Home

Ten months have passed since the hectic Ohio tornado outbreak on August 24, 2016 that spawned 22 twisters. It was a frightening day for many, but it’s vital to learn from the event. While meteorologists learned their models still needed work since they didn’t forecast the outbreak’s possibility, the general public should use this as a takeaway for the need for tornado safety preparations. This includes having a safe place to weather the storm. Ohio experiences tornadoes every year, so it makes sense to prepare your Columbus or Groveport, OH home.

Safety Renovations

When you think of improvements, you might imagine a new backsplash in the kitchen or bay windows in the living room. Those changes might beautify your home, but for safety’s sake, make a storm shelter your top home improvement priority. This doesn’t have to mean building onto your home. You could reinforce the existing basement or cellar, adding a safe room in one corner. Another popular option is to reinforce a large walk-in closet to form a secure place. A contractor can help you determine an existing interior area of your home that you can convert. If you don’t want to lose interior space, install a detached storm shelter on your property. These come in below ground and above ground varieties. The key thing is to ensure you choose a contractor or storm shelter manufacturer with a proven track record. Speak with an agent at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC to learn how to acquire a home insurance policy to protect the structure of your home in these events. After a storm, damages to the outside of your home may add up to high costs. With the proper insurance policy, your home will be protected and repairs can be stress-free.

Heed Warnings

Probably the most frightening aspect of the August 2016 tornado frenzy was the lack of warning. Typically, the National Weather Service accurately forecasts weather probabilities. During this outbreak, storm spotters reported tornadoes on the ground. It is smart to buy a NOAA weather radio and set it to emit a sound when the NWS issues a tornado watch or warning.

Know the difference between a watch and a warning. 

  • A tornado watch lets you know the potential exists for tornadoes.
  • A tornado warning lets you know a tornado formed and you must take shelter immediately.
  • Remain safely in the shelter until the NWS issues the all clear. This report comes over the NOAA weather radio, just as warnings do.

You can easily remain safe from tornadoes. Ensure your home has a storm shelter to accommodate your family safely. Contact Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC of Groveport, OH about remodeling to make your home safer and how it can affect your home insurance. You’ll not only increase your family’s safety but the value of your home, too.

Add This To Your Fire Extinguisher : Other Safety Precautions You Can Take To Protect Your Home From Fire

Add This To Your Fire Extinguisher…and Don’t Smoke It!

Whether you have a homeowners insurance policy with Keystone Insurance Agency LLC or are considering purchasing one we want you to consider how important it is for you to protect your home from fire. Serving the Groveport, OH and surrounding areas, we are more than happy to sit down with you and discuss how your policy can protect your assets and help restore your home in the event a fire occurs. 

What To Do And What To Have On Hand

Fire protection is a big issue in the education system today. Your children are well educated on what to do in the event of a fire. School districts do a great job in bringing in professionals, providing fire drills and curriculum-based fire safety information. Children are encouraged to implement fire safety protocols in their home as well. Having a safety plan for fire and an evacuation route is a great idea. Family discussions surrounding what to do in the event of fire is an excellent way to ensure your family is safe and your home is sound. 

What should be added to your standard fire extinguisher is also key in protecting your family and home from fire. In addition to you and your family’s fire safety intel and practice, there are some items that should be a part of a safe home. 

Groveport, OH residents, should have flame resistant items in their home such as baby blankets, curtains and children’s  pajamas. Smoke detectors in key areas and proper egress windows in basements are just a few of the physical items that should be a part of a safe home. Contact us today at Keystone Insurance Agency LLC to discuss your home insurance policy. 

Are My Belongings Protected Under My Home Insurance Policy?

For most people, the most valuable investment they will make over the course of their life is the purchase of a home. Therefore, it is important that this asset is protected. While most people will ensure that the structure of the home is covered under their home insurance policy, many people will neglect to cover the contents of the home. Most people have valuable assets inside the home such as furniture, electronics, and jewelry. These items are expensive and deserve the same protection as the structure of the home. Some of the important questions that people ask are detailed below.

Some people might not even think to ask about whether the contents of their home are covered. This is called personal belongings coverage. Some policies might provide a minimal degree of coverage for person belongings while others might not provide any at all. Personal belongings protection should be addressed in a home insurance policy because the contents of the home could be stolen through theft of damaged through home disasters or natural catastrophes. People should look into the details of their home insurance policy to make sure that they have enough personal belongings coverage and that the different ways these items could be lost or stolen are covered. If these contents need to be replaced, personal belongings coverage will provide financial assistance that would otherwise place a significant amount of financial strain on a family.

Citizens in Groveport, OH should make sure that their home insurance policy has enough personal belongings coverage to protect the valuable contents of a home. People looking for personal belongings coverage should contact an experienced insurance agent with Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC serving Groveport, OH with any questions. This professional agency will ensure that the valuable belongings in a home, as well as the structure, are protected.

Why You Need Home Insurance in Ohio

If you’re a homeowner, you know how important it is to take care of your property and protect your assets with proper maintenance and security. If you’re a prospective home buyer, you’ve probably also heard from your lender that you’ll need to purchase home insurance as part of the home loan process. Whatever the case, you and your family deserve the peace of mind that the right home insurance policy can provide.

Home insurance is your first line of defense in the case of disaster. Whether your home is stolen from or damaged by fire or sever weather, your home insurance policy can help you recoup on your losses. So long as your coverage is sufficient, you’ll come away from tragedy with the security of knowing that your policy will pay out and help you rebuild your home and/or replace your belongings. For both existing and prospective homeowners in Groveport, OH, home insurance is not just an ideal safety net but also a state legal requirement. 

Even if you already have a home insurance policy, it’s important to make sure your coverage is sufficient as time goes on. Consider the value all of the appliances, electronics and personal appliances in your home and determine whether your policy is enough to replace all of your most valuable items. If you’re not sure where to start, the expert staff at Keystone Insurance Agency LLC can help you navigate the complex legal and financial terrain.

When disaster strikes, don’t leave your home unprepared. Contact Keystone Insurance Agency in Groveport, OH and let our friendly, professional agents help you select a home insurance policy that covers all your necessary hazard and liability needs.

What to look for when it comes to home insurance

If you own a home in the Groveport, OH area, then you probably already know about everything that could potentially go wrong with your biggest possession.  From tornados to fires, the insurance agents at Keystone Insurance Agency LLC have seen just about everything go wrong with a house.  Fortunately, they also know what to look for in an insurance policy to protect yourself and your home.  If you’re thinking about a nw policy, be sure to ask about these things.

  1. Get adequate coverage.  Make sure you have enough insurance to replace your entire house and everything inside it.  Too often, people make the mistake of underinsuring heir home, thinking they will save money on their premiums.  Instead, they lose thousands of dollars when a disaster strikes and they’re unable to fully repair the damage.
  2. Update your coverage at least once every three years.  Make it more often if you have a major repair job, renovations, or buy something expensive for your home.  New roofs, rooms, and even appliances should be part of your policy.  Also remember to ask about special riders fro computers and other electronics, jewelry, designer clothing, and other specialty items.
  3. Consider your replacement cost. While replacement cost insurance tends to cost a little more, it’s the only way to ensure that you’ll be able to replace everything in your home after a disaster.  These policies provide you with the funds that will allow you to go to the store and just buy everything that was damaged or destroyed in an emergency.

If you’re thinking about getting a new homeowner’s policy, or if you just want to save money on the policy you already have, call the agents at Keystone Insurance Agency.  They have years of experience helping Groveport, OH residents find the insurance policy that meets their needs.