The Benefits of Having Commercial Insurance

If you own your own business in Groveport, OH, getting a commercial insurance policy should be at the top of your list. Here at the Keystone Insurance Agency LLC, we know a thing or two about commercial insurance policies, and we’d like to share with you what a commercial insurance policy is and how it works. We will also cover why you need one.

What Is Commercial Insurance?

According to law, if you own a business and have employees working for you, then you must have some type of commercial insurance policy. The great thing about commercial insurance is that it can be customized to meet your exact needs. Take for example you have multiple vehicles that are used for business purposes. You can have a commercial insurance policy built for you that provides protection over those vehicles. Even better, the commercial policy doesn’t have to integrate with your personal insurance policies. You can keep everything separate.

Why You Need Commercial Insurance

Accidents happen. You never know when someone may get injured on your business property. With commercial insurance, you can rest easy knowing you have protection. You’ll also have peace of mind in knowing your business property is protected during instances of damage or loss due to weather or fire. It is very important that you speak with a qualified commercial insurance agent to have your business assessed. Through an assessment, an agent can create a customized insurance plan that meets all of your business needs. Since no two businesses are exactly alike, your commercial insurance plan will be different from those of other businesses.

To learn more about the benefits of commercial insurance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Keystone Insurance Agency LLC serving the Groveport, OH area.

Renter’s Insurance is Essential for Ohio Residents Who Want to Protect Their Belongings

Residents in the greater Groveport, OH area who do not own their living spaces really should have some amount of rental insurance. Even the most basic rental policy can protect you from disaster and allow you to rebuild your life in a new location. There are a multitude of various different types of rental insurance policies and the team at Keystone Insurance Agency LLC can help you determine which offers the right coverage and protection level. Don’t be caught without protection and have to rebuild everything yourself!

Many Rental Insurance Policies are Affordable and Provide the Coverage You Need

If you fear that finding a rental insurance policy is too confusing, it’s time to give your local insurance agent a call. There are a wide variety of different policy types that provide everything from basic coverage to specialized protection for your most treasured assets. Don’t fall into the trap of going without insurance only to regret your decision if disaster strikes.

In addition to coverage in the event of water damage, fire, or structural damage, your policy may also include protection if you experience a loss when away from home. For example, if your bicycle is covered by your policy, it will be protected even if it is stolen from a location away from your home. This is just one instance where having the right rental insurance policy can save you from a lot of avoidable headaches and stress in your life!

Rental insurance can provide the protection that you need to cover losses in the event of a catastrophic event. Now is the perfect time to meet with Keystone Insurance Agency LLC and find the right rental insurance policy to protect your Groveport, OH area apartment!

What Does RV Insurance Cover?

If you are planning to buy, or rent an RV, you should familiarize yourself with insurance coverage and what is covered. If you set out on the open road, having an understanding of what is covered is a great way to achieve peace of mind. Discover what RV insurance covers and how to create a custom insurance policy to meet your needs. 

RV Coverage

Generally, RV insurance covers the motor and the structure of the vehicle. RV insurance works much like regular auto insurance, but it covers the living space attached to the vehicle. It doesn’t normally cover the appliances and other built on additions as well as furniture and personal belongings. If you require coverage for those items, you can speak with your insurance agent about adding coverage. Always work with an established company that can deliver the products you need to customize your policy.

Finding A Great Agency

Finding the right insurance agency is the key to having the right type of coverage. Work with a company that has a positive reputation, and who is established in the community. If you are living in or around the Groveport, OH area, you should work with Keystone Insurance Agency LLC to get the insurance products you need to prevent costly gaps in your motorhome coverage. 

Be prepared before you begin traveling in your motorhome by knowing what your insurance covers and making sure that it covers what you need it to cover. Set your mind at ease by working with Keystone Insurance Agency LLC, serving residents in and around the Groveport, OH area. Call or stop by the office today to speak with a knowledgeable insurance agent today. 

Does Boat Insurance Cover Storm Damage While in Harbor?

Purchasing a boat is a major investment that requires solid insurance to protect from a loss. Boats are susceptible to a variety of conditions that can create damage or loss. Knowing your insurance and understand the limits of coverage is the key to preventing gaps in your policy that leave room for financial losses. A question you may have as a boat owner is whether or not you are covered from storm damage that occurs in a harbor?

Storm Damage

Damages that result from a storm while in the harbor are usually covered by boat insurance. However, if the insurance company feels that you failed to properly secure your boat or prepare in advance for a storm that was expected, then your claim could be denied. The best way to prevent a denied claim is to always take measures to secure your boat or move it out of harm’s way if a storm is expected. Don’t assume your boat will be covered if you leave it in the harbor and you could move it to a safer location to prevent damages. 

Getting Proper Insurance Coverage

Securing your boat also means securing the right type of boat insurance. Don’t leave your investment unprotected. Get coverage that will help you repair or replace your boat when the unexpected happens. If you live in or around the Groveport, OH area, you should consult with Keystone Insurance Agency LLC to find out what type of coverage will work best for your situation and how to prevent a denied claim. Their knowledgeable insurance agents can work with you to educate you and tell you how you can prevent damages to your boat in the future.

A boat is an investment that you should protect with high-quality insurance products. If you are a resident in or around the Groveport, OH area, you should call or stop by Keystone Insurance Agency LLC to get more information on boat insurance. 

Do You Need Insurance On Your Motorcycle?

Everyone who rides a motorcycle considers it a very valuable asset. Just like any other machine, the bikes are prone to damage especially if they are involved in accidents. Bearing this in mind, the bikers are faced with the dilemma of whether to insure or not to insure their motorcycles. The process of getting an insurance is hectic but at the end of the day, it proves to be the best decision collectively. If you reside in Groveport, OH, feel free to visit Keystone Insurance Agency LLC to insure your motorcycle. Below are the reasons why you need to insure your motorcycle.

Accident and property damage

Riding a motorcycle is such an awesome experience and sometimes the rider may be caught up in the moment and over speed. High speed may lead to fatal accidents. The accident can also be caused by a faulty part of the bike. If by any chance the accident occurs, the damages caused are catered for by the insurance adequately, if the bike was insured. If it is not insured, then the rider will have to cater for everything including health bills and property damage. Remember to get the right quote that you can afford comfortably.

State requirement

It is illegal to ride a motorcycle that has not been insured. For this reason, it is important to insure the bike right after you have bought it. If you are caught riding a bike that is not insured, serious charges will be leveled against you. Insuring the bike will help you avoid this problem. If you are having an issue with your motorcycle insurance and reside in Groveport ,OH, visit Keystone Insurance Agency LLC and you will be assisted accordingly.


What Is Covered With An Umbrella Insurance Policy?

It’s important to have sufficient coverage across all of your insurance policies. You never know what is going to happen, which is why it’s a good idea to have an umbrella insurance policy. There are a number of things that can be covered by the policy to provide you with additional financial protection.

Coverage Levels

When you’re in Groveport, OH, you want to have as much protection as possible. An umbrella insurance policy for homeowners is generally going to add to coverage to your existing policies, such as your homeowner’s insurance policy as well as your auto insurance. This way, if you have to file a claim with large dollar amounts, you are less likely to pay out-of-pocket beyond the deductible.

All aspects of your policy have a specific coverage amount. The umbrella policy would cover you beyond that amount. For example, if you have weather damage coverage on your homeowner’s policy up to $50,000 and you have $60,000 worth of damage, the umbrella policy would cover the $10,000 remainder. Otherwise, that amount would be your own financial responsibility.

Setting the Amount

You want to avoid major expenditures when it comes to insurance claims. As such, you will want to look at the coverage levels on all aspects of your insurance policies. From there, Keystone Insurance Agency LLC can help you to determine the total amount that your umbrella insurance should be written for. It can be the ultimate way to file a claim knowing that you have sufficient coverage in place.

You never know what could happen in Groveport, OH. However, umbrella insurance can provide you with a greater level of confidence knowing that you have policies in place. At Keystone Insurance Agency LLC, there are agents to help you every step of the way so that you can get a good policy.




My House Was Damaged by a Flood but now It’s a Water Event?

When it comes to photographs, they evoke a ton of information, ergo why the saying is they are worth 1,000 words. Unfortunately, when it comes to home insurance, no photograph defines flood coverage. Instead, what matters is how the wording is phrased in a given protection plan. The term "flood" is commonly used to communicate being inundated by a lot of water in Groveport, OH and elsewhere. However, in the insurance world, a "flood" is a very specific result that occurs due to certain conditions. Depending on the policy type and crafting, that event could be caused by the rising of a river, ocean, lake, or nearby body of natural water. But it wouldn’t cover the rising water level inside a home due to a broken water pipe, nor would it necessarily cover a flash flood of draining water coming down a mountainside. Yet both, from a layman’s perspective, are flood events in a home damaged by them.

Flooding and water damage events are two very different things, so it’s extremely important for a homeowner to understand the difference when reviewing or obtaining coverage for a home, especially if the home is in an area prone to excessive moisture or near a water source. Too often folks just trust default language in a policy, and then find out the hard way how it will be interpreted by an insurance provider. The folks at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC can help. They have regularly handled damage claims and events for consumers in Groveport, OH, and they can apply that experience to specific situations for planning and help. Don’t find out if you’re covered for a flood in your home the hard way; give Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC a call and get a quote.

Condo Insurance Myths

Insurance policies are complex. For this reason, two people can read the same policy and walk away with two different interpretations. Unfortunately, this confusion can sometimes lead people to believe information that is not true, especially when it comes to condominium insurance. Whether you own or rent a condo in the Columbus, OH area, learn about some of the common myths you should ignore.

You’re Covered Under the Buildings’ Policy

The corporation that owns the building where your condo is located may have a policy that protects the common areas. However, these policies don’t always extend coverage to the private residences. In the event of a loss, your property may not be protected. All owners often need their own policy for personal coverage. 

All Condo Insurance Policies Are the Same 

Condo insurance policies can be tailored to meet the specific need of the customer. For this reason, the details of these insurance policies vary greatly. Keep this factor in mind before you buy a policy. From the coverage limits to special inclusions, you should tailor your coverage to your needs. Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC can help you customize a plan. 

The Condo Is the Landlords’ Responsibility

For rental units in the Columbus, OH area, the landlord will often carry an insurance policy on the unit. However, the property owners’ policy may only extend coverage to the structure of the unit. Your belongings may or may not be covered. You should look over your lease and speak with your landlord to determine how the policy is arranged to determine if you need additional coverage. 

Don’t let a condo insurance myth leave you without the coverage you need. Contact Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC so that we can help you bust a myth and keep you protected. 

When is it too late to buy life insurance?

At Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC, we want to make sure all our clients in Columbus and Groveport, OH to understand that it is never too late to buy life insurance. You may get better benefits by using a different strategy, but there are always advantages to having a good life insurance policy.

Is it too late to buy life insurance?

The best time to buy a life insurance policy is at birth. Frequently, this is done by a grandparent who wants to give a thoughtful gift to the new grandchild, but anyone can do it for a newborn or child. When the policy is bought at birth, the price for the monthly premium is very low, and it will not go up during the policy owner’s lifetime. If the policy is a whole life policy, the money will add up, and the owner may be able to borrow against the policy later. This kind of coverage also carries death benefits, in case there is a tragedy and those kinds of expenses need to be paid.

As individuals get older, it is not as easy to acquire policies with such low premiums, but you can still lock in a price at any time in life. If it no longer seems prudent to purchase a whole life policy, you can purchase a term life policy. A term life policy expires as soon as the term is up, but it provides crucial protection in case of a tragedy, so loved ones won’t be left with unexpected funeral expenses.

If you are in Columbus or Groveport, OH and have any questions about life insurance or are interested in purchasing a policy for yourself or a loved one, please call Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

Do Home Insurance Policies Cover Flooding?

When we purchase a new home, we also purchase homeowner’s insurance policies. These tools financially protect us should an unexpected disaster damage or destroy your home or outbuildings on the property. This level of protection is also required by most mortgage lenders which are typically part of the terms of the loan. 

Having an adequate policy in place protects both the homeowner and the lender financially. Unless the property is located in a high-risk area, most homeowners may not be aware of their flooding risk. Also, many homeowners may assume that damage from flood events is covered under their current policy. However, home insurance policies do not cover flood-related damage. The team at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC works with homeowners in the Columbus, OH area to ensure that they carry adequate coverage for their property. They can also help the homeowner understand their level of flood risk. 

When a home is located in an area that has a moderate or low-risk for flooding, homeowners may need to give some consideration as to whether or not they want the additional coverage that a flood insurance policy provides. The team at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC can talk with you about the options that are available. As a homeowner, having the best information available allows you to make the best decisions. 

Some homeowners in the Columbus, OH area opt to carry flood insurance even though they are at moderate flood risk. This is because the costs associated with flood damage can be substantial. It has been calculated that a 1,000 square foot home that with 1 foot of flood water will result in damages of approximately $27,150. For some, the minimal additional premium is worth the cost should the unexpected occur. The team at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC are your partners. Call us for more information today!