Does Boat Insurance Cover Storm Damage While in Harbor?

Purchasing a boat is a major investment that requires solid insurance to protect from a loss. Boats are susceptible to a variety of conditions that can create damage or loss. Knowing your insurance and understand the limits of coverage is the key to preventing gaps in your policy that leave room for financial losses. A question you may have as a boat owner is whether or not you are covered from storm damage that occurs in a harbor?

Storm Damage

Damages that result from a storm while in the harbor are usually covered by boat insurance. However, if the insurance company feels that you failed to properly secure your boat or prepare in advance for a storm that was expected, then your claim could be denied. The best way to prevent a denied claim is to always take measures to secure your boat or move it out of harm’s way if a storm is expected. Don’t assume your boat will be covered if you leave it in the harbor and you could move it to a safer location to prevent damages. 

Getting Proper Insurance Coverage

Securing your boat also means securing the right type of boat insurance. Don’t leave your investment unprotected. Get coverage that will help you repair or replace your boat when the unexpected happens. If you live in or around the Groveport, OH area, you should consult with Keystone Insurance Agency LLC to find out what type of coverage will work best for your situation and how to prevent a denied claim. Their knowledgeable insurance agents can work with you to educate you and tell you how you can prevent damages to your boat in the future.

A boat is an investment that you should protect with high-quality insurance products. If you are a resident in or around the Groveport, OH area, you should call or stop by Keystone Insurance Agency LLC to get more information on boat insurance.