Commercial General Liability Insurance Basics

Homes and automobiles are not the only things that need to be protected with insurance. If you own your own business, you need to be covered. A CGL, or commercial general liability insurance, helps you if you are found liable for another person’s property or business. Call the independent agents at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC in Groveport, OH so they can help you get started on a liability package today.

What CGL Covers

Commercial general liability can cover your legal expenses if you find yourself in a court battle. It will also pay out any damages up to the limits of your policy. For example, a customer slips and injures themselves in your store. If you are found negligent, then your policy will pay the injured party up to the limits of the coverage.

Personal and Advertising Injury

You may find yourself in a predicament where another person or business feels that you have caused them harm personally or through advertising. Such incidences include libel, copyright infringement, false arrest, wrongful eviction, slander, and taking another advertiser’s idea.

Medical Payment Coverage

Coverage for individuals that are not employees can have their medical bills reimbursed if you are found responsible for their injuries. Medical payments can be settled immediately without legal action.

Additional CGL Coverage

  • Liquor Liability – If you sell, distribute, or serve alcohol, liquor liability coverage can protect you if a customer injures themselves or others while intoxicated.
  • Pollution liability – As an industrial or agricultural company, you may need to be protected from unforeseen incidences involving environmental exposures that could harm others.

Stop in to see one of the independent agents at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC in Groveport, OH. These qualified agents can help you keep your business safe by purchasing commercial general liability coverage for your Ohio business.