Reasons You Need Renters Insurance

Whether you are looking for a new home as a renter for the first time or you’re an old pro at being a tenant, renter’s insurance is something that you must put on your to-do list. As a renter, being without renters insurance is simply not an option because of these three reasons as noted by Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC for those in the Columbus, OH area: 

1. You won’t be covered by others’ insurance

Though it might seem like you should be, you aren’t going to be protected by the insurance policy that the landlord or apartment management has in place. Their insurance only covers the building if it is damaged. 

2. It can help you get back on your feet

If you came home from work one day and saw that you’d been the victim of a theft, would you have the money to replace your TV, laptop, gaming systems, and the other expensive items the thief took off with? With renters insurance, you won’t have to worry about paying for everything out of pocket. Instead, you’ll simply have to make a claim and wait for a check from the insurance company. 

3. It offers you protection

Accidents happen, and if you’re found responsible, you need to be able to pay for the damages. If you forget and leave the dryer on when you leave and it catches on fire, you could be found liable for the damages to nearby apartments. Odors, scorches and burnt items are just a few of the things that renters insurance can pay for. You can also tap into it to pay for medical bills, attorney’s fees, and repairs. 

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