Differences between RV and Auto Insurance

Do not wait until you file an RV insurance claim only to discover that your auto insurance does not protect your RV. You need to have RV coverage if you want your recreational vehicle to be adequately protected. Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC provides auto and RV insurance policies to Columbus and Groveport, OH vehicle owners, but before that, we ensure that you can differentiate between the two to make sure you do not get into trouble.

The two insurance types differ in various aspects which include:

Different rates of liability coverage

Recreational vehicle insurance has high liability thresholds compared to the regular car insurance. This is because, at times, recreational vehicles are treated as the owner’s residence while on vacation, and therefore the cost of operating them is much higher compared to regular cars. Also, recreational vehicles are prone to more risks than other vehicles because they are larger and stand out.

In the event of a minor accident, RVs are likely to wreak severe damages on a small car hence the liability compensation needed will be high. The high liability coverage is meant to compensate for the increased risks and ensure that the vehicle owners have enough financial security.

RV insurance coverage can be suspended while the recreational vehicle is in storage

Recreational vehicles are rarely used unless the owner decides to go on a vacation which could be a rare occasion. In this case, it is impossible for the car to be involved in a collision when in the garage unless someone collides into your home. The collision coverage can, therefore, be suspended for a while. Especially for busy or retired couples on a budget that cannot afford to go on vacation with their RV at this time. This cannot be done for your everyday automobile.

These are the main differences between the two types of insurance in Ohio. To learn more about RV insurance, contact or visit Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC in Groveport, OH and let our experts help you understand your coverage.