Protecting Your Passengers with Complete Motorcycle Insurance

Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC is here to meet all of the coverage needs of motorcycle owners in the greater Columbus, OH area. We understand that motorcycle ownership comes with a different set of requirements than most other vehicles, and are here to help you meet those needs.

The Benefits of Full Motorcycle Insurance

In addition to protecting your vehicle from damage due to an accident, the health care costs for both you and your passenger can also be covered when you opt for a complete policy that includes this additional coverage. Depending on the policy that you choose, coverage is available for any accident, no matter which driver is at fault, as well as injuries to yourself and your passenger. Motorcycles can be more dangerous than other vehicles, and it makes good sense to opt for additional coverage that will protect you in most situations.

Motorcycle owners need insurance protection for their passengers to protect them against injury or bodily harm. When determining which insurance policy is the most appropriate for your needs, be sure to consider the coverage needs of any passengers that may also be on your bike. If you use a sidecar to transport your passengers, be sure to inquire about this additional coverage because this add-on is not always included in basic motorcycle policies.

The agents at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC are dedicated to meeting the insurance coverage needs of their clients in the greater Columbus, OH area. If you have recently purchased a motorcycle or would like your current policy reviewed to ensure that it provides the coverage that you need, our agents are here to help! Please call our office today or stop by to meet with one of the helpful Keystone Insurance team members!