What Is Covered Under a Condo Insurance Policy?

Typically, condo insurance policies insure what is not covered by the condo association policy. While a condo community policy protects the structure of the building and common areas, condo insurance covers any damage that might occur in the interior of your condo unit. This indicates that, if you are a resident of Ohio and you purchase a condo insurance policy from Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC in Groveport, OH, you get protection for personal property damage, building property protection, and personal liability damage.

Personal Property Damage
Most of the space in condos is filled with personal items that range from furniture, appliances, clothing, and much more. You are likely to suffer a substantial loss in the case of fire, theft, or any other peril that occurs. Condo insurance will offer replacement of the lost items arising from these unforeseen eventualities.

Bodily Injury
A Condominium Insurance policy protects other people, like visitors and friends, who may suffer injuries while at your residence. The policy may also cover their medical bills.

Building Property Damage
The association’s master policy offers coverage for your wall, floorings, cabinets, and other interior fixtures. This makes it necessary to have a condo insurance policy to cater for all interior damages on your unit.

Extra Protection Policies
If you are a condo owner in Ohio, you will notice that many insurance companies offer policies that provide extra protection that is absent in the standard condo insurance policy. Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage for substantial liabilities that exceed the amount of your condo policy. Some providers also offer flood damage insurance for condo units, coverage that is hardly found in ordinary condo insurance. There is extra protection offered by various providers. You need to discuss with your agent to locate the policy that suits your needs.

Do you need more information about condo insurance policy? Come to Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC in Groveport, OH, and our friendly team of agents will address all your concerns. Our agents will help you secure your condo with the best policy.