Tornado Safety for Your Family and Home

Ten months have passed since the hectic Ohio tornado outbreak on August 24, 2016 that spawned 22 twisters. It was a frightening day for many, but it’s vital to learn from the event. While meteorologists learned their models still needed work since they didn’t forecast the outbreak’s possibility, the general public should use this as a takeaway for the need for tornado safety preparations. This includes having a safe place to weather the storm. Ohio experiences tornadoes every year, so it makes sense to prepare your Columbus or Groveport, OH home.

Safety Renovations

When you think of improvements, you might imagine a new backsplash in the kitchen or bay windows in the living room. Those changes might beautify your home, but for safety’s sake, make a storm shelter your top home improvement priority. This doesn’t have to mean building onto your home. You could reinforce the existing basement or cellar, adding a safe room in one corner. Another popular option is to reinforce a large walk-in closet to form a secure place. A contractor can help you determine an existing interior area of your home that you can convert. If you don’t want to lose interior space, install a detached storm shelter on your property. These come in below ground and above ground varieties. The key thing is to ensure you choose a contractor or storm shelter manufacturer with a proven track record. Speak with an agent at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC to learn how to acquire a home insurance policy to protect the structure of your home in these events. After a storm, damages to the outside of your home may add up to high costs. With the proper insurance policy, your home will be protected and repairs can be stress-free.

Heed Warnings

Probably the most frightening aspect of the August 2016 tornado frenzy was the lack of warning. Typically, the National Weather Service accurately forecasts weather probabilities. During this outbreak, storm spotters reported tornadoes on the ground. It is smart to buy a NOAA weather radio and set it to emit a sound when the NWS issues a tornado watch or warning.

Know the difference between a watch and a warning. 

  • A tornado watch lets you know the potential exists for tornadoes.
  • A tornado warning lets you know a tornado formed and you must take shelter immediately.
  • Remain safely in the shelter until the NWS issues the all clear. This report comes over the NOAA weather radio, just as warnings do.

You can easily remain safe from tornadoes. Ensure your home has a storm shelter to accommodate your family safely. Contact Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC of Groveport, OH about remodeling to make your home safer and how it can affect your home insurance. You’ll not only increase your family’s safety but the value of your home, too.