In Groveport OH, Are Businesses Required To Carry A Specific Amount Of Commercial Insurance?

The agents of Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC can help business owners in Groveport, OH determine how much commercial insurance they may need to protect themselves from financial loss if something would happen to their company. Every business is different. Retail businesses have a large inventory, while a production or manufacturing company may have millions of dollars of equipment. Most states do not require companies to carry a specific amount of commercial insurance, although it is recommended to carry some type of liability insurance in case someone is injured on the property.

Unlike auto insurance, states normally do not set specific insurance limits on commercial business policies. It is recommended, however, that all businesses carry liability insurance. Liability insurance does not protect the assets of the building but instead protects the company from lawsuits that can arise from an employee or a visitor receiving an injury. Workers compensation insurance will cover the majority of an employee’s medical bills, but it will not cover long term or extended care if the injury causes permanent damage.

The agents at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC understands how important it is to protect your business from various types of loss. Business owners living in the Groveport, OH area are encouraged to call an agent today and discuss what options are available to them. The agent will evaluate all of your insurance needs and find a policy that offers you the financial security and peace of mind you need. Once your policy is in place, they will review and update your policy as needed allowing you to have the coverage you need at all times. Reach out to us to learn how a commercial insurance policy can benefit your business.