Add This To Your Fire Extinguisher : Other Safety Precautions You Can Take To Protect Your Home From Fire

Add This To Your Fire Extinguisher…and Don’t Smoke It!

Whether you have a homeowners insurance policy with Keystone Insurance Agency LLC or are considering purchasing one we want you to consider how important it is for you to protect your home from fire. Serving the Groveport, OH and surrounding areas, we are more than happy to sit down with you and discuss how your policy can protect your assets and help restore your home in the event a fire occurs. 

What To Do And What To Have On Hand

Fire protection is a big issue in the education system today. Your children are well educated on what to do in the event of a fire. School districts do a great job in bringing in professionals, providing fire drills and curriculum-based fire safety information. Children are encouraged to implement fire safety protocols in their home as well. Having a safety plan for fire and an evacuation route is a great idea. Family discussions surrounding what to do in the event of fire is an excellent way to ensure your family is safe and your home is sound. 

What should be added to your standard fire extinguisher is also key in protecting your family and home from fire. In addition to you and your family’s fire safety intel and practice, there are some items that should be a part of a safe home. 

Groveport, OH residents, should have flame resistant items in their home such as baby blankets, curtains and children’s  pajamas. Smoke detectors in key areas and proper egress windows in basements are just a few of the physical items that should be a part of a safe home. Contact us today at Keystone Insurance Agency LLC to discuss your home insurance policy.