What Happens if You Lie About Your Driving History on Your Auto Policy?

Drivers are required by law to report their accurate driving history to their insurance agency when they apply for a policy in order to create an accurate policy that reflects their driving history. Your driving history does affect your overall rates, premiums, and what companies are willing to insure you so lying on your policy might be tempting. So what happens if you lie on your policy about your driving history? For those that live in the Groveport, OH area, the agents with Keystone Insurance Agency LLC can help.

For starters, it is difficult to lie on an application for auto insurance and get away with it for a few different reasons. Insurance companies require that you give them both the vin number of the car that is being insured and the number on your state issued license. This does a few different things. It first off tells the insurance agency what the state of your driving privileges are. If you have a revoked license, a check will reflect that. A check will also pull up your state driving record. This will tell the agency just what accidents you have been in and what driving infractions you have committed.

Another stop that keeps you from lying is the vin number of your car. Again, a simple check will show your agency what accidents the car has been involved in and will help establish an accurate record. This means that even if you lie on your policy application, the agency is going to run a check and catch fraudulent applications likely resulting in the insurance company refusing to cover the driver. For those in the Groveport, OH area, the agents with Keystone Insurance Agency can help you to create an accurate record for your application.