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Condo Insurance in Ohio

A type of insurance that can be confusing to some, condo insurance typically involves owning one unit within a complex, in which others also own condominium units, and share ownership of the property overall. Although many believe that they do not need to purchase condo coverage, and despite the fact the vast majority of the building come with "master" coverage that protects the general premises, each is also responsible for insuring their area of the complex. This means that owners of condominiums have a shared obligation to acquire sufficient insurance coverage to properly protect the premises.

To protect your dwelling from things such as burglaries, smoke damage from fires, and other unexpected occurrences that may not be covered by the building's policy, purchasing a high-quality insurance premium is a must. Moreover, despite the existence of a "master" policy, every condo is different. Therefore, you may need more or less coverage depending on the location, size, value, and other aspects of your condo. By getting a copy of your complex's bylaws, you can easily assess and determine what you are responsible for covering as opposed to what your building is responsible for.

Overall, if you are seeking quality condo insurance in the state of Ohio, Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC offers premium, customizable packages to help provide sufficient coverage to each and every customer. Comprised of an array of highly professional independent insurance agents, you can stop in, call, or acquire a quote online from a qualified agent you can trust. Need coverage? Contact one of our Columbus, OH condo insurance agents today, receive your quote, and begin your high-quality coverage as soon as possible!