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Will an umbrella policy cover specialty insurance?

If you’re willing to shop around for a specialty insurance provider, then you can arrange just about any sort of policy you’d like. There are stories of celebrities and athletes insuring specific body parts, so certainly, if you want to get an umbrella policy for specialty insurance, that’s possible in Columbus, OH or anywhere else.

The question is whether a standard umbrella policy will cover that, and the answer is more often than not, no. A typical umbrella policy is intended to offer additional financial support should the damages to your home or auto exceed the limits of the policies. When you spend more on each individual policy, you’re placing your bets on which one is most likely to suffer the most damage. By buying an umbrella policy, you can cover everything in one shot.

You may be surprised at what you can cover through a standard umbrella policy you’ve found through Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC. Every provider is different, so you will want to speak to an agent in order to get an idea of what they can do for you. Many policy-holders combine their home, car, and business insurance in an umbrella plan.

Umbrella insurance is there to ensure that even if your standard policies don’t cover the damages, your provider is still going to be there to help out. Whether or not you can include specialty policies in the plan, it’s worth considering for all of your everyday insurance needs. Talk with an agent at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC to have all your insurance questions answered. If you live in the Columbus, OH area, stop by our office to learn more.

The Benefits of Private Flood Insurance Versus NFIP Insurance

Benefits of Flood Insurance with Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC

If you are looking to purchase flood insurance around Columbus, OH, you will learn that there are two main types to acquire. You can purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program or a private flood insurer. There are many benefits that buying a private policy has over purchasing NFIP insurance.

Here are a few of those benefits:

The Value

The biggest benefit to purchasing a private flood insurance policy is the value of the policy. When you buy NFIP insurance, the maximum value of the coverage is capped at an amount that may be lower than the value of your home. If your home is above the cap amount of NFIP insurance, you will want to purchase through a private insurer. 

What is Covered

Another benefit to private flood insurance is that it may cover items that NFIP insurance doesn’t cover. Flooding can cause your furniture to become unusable or causes mold to develop in your home, both of which are things that NFIP insurance won’t pay for or cover. Most private insurers will cover the costs. 

The Waiting Period

The last benefit to private flood insurance is that you may not have a waiting period, depending on the insurer. If you have just purchased a new home, this gives you peace of mind that your home is covered from day one. There is always a 30 day waiting period when you buy NFIP insurance, meaning that your home can be without flood insurance during this time. This wait could be scary if you purchased a home during hurricane or flood season. 

Contact Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC in Groveport, OH

As you look to purchase private flood insurance, turn to Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC, serving the greater Columbus, OH area. We can help you find fantastic private flood insurance for your needs. Contact us now to get started.

What Is Covered Under a Condo Insurance Policy?

Typically, condo insurance policies insure what is not covered by the condo association policy. While a condo community policy protects the structure of the building and common areas, condo insurance covers any damage that might occur in the interior of your condo unit. This indicates that, if you are a resident of Ohio and you purchase a condo insurance policy from Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC in Groveport, OH, you get protection for personal property damage, building property protection, and personal liability damage.

Personal Property Damage
Most of the space in condos is filled with personal items that range from furniture, appliances, clothing, and much more. You are likely to suffer a substantial loss in the case of fire, theft, or any other peril that occurs. Condo insurance will offer replacement of the lost items arising from these unforeseen eventualities.

Bodily Injury
A Condominium Insurance policy protects other people, like visitors and friends, who may suffer injuries while at your residence. The policy may also cover their medical bills.

Building Property Damage
The association’s master policy offers coverage for your wall, floorings, cabinets, and other interior fixtures. This makes it necessary to have a condo insurance policy to cater for all interior damages on your unit.

Extra Protection Policies
If you are a condo owner in Ohio, you will notice that many insurance companies offer policies that provide extra protection that is absent in the standard condo insurance policy. Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage for substantial liabilities that exceed the amount of your condo policy. Some providers also offer flood damage insurance for condo units, coverage that is hardly found in ordinary condo insurance. There is extra protection offered by various providers. You need to discuss with your agent to locate the policy that suits your needs.

Do you need more information about condo insurance policy? Come to Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC in Groveport, OH, and our friendly team of agents will address all your concerns. Our agents will help you secure your condo with the best policy.

Life Insurance 101: What You Should Know Before You Buy

A valid insurance policy is an important part of any long-term financial strategy. But what exactly is life insurance, and why do you need it?

What is Life Insurance?

The purpose of a life insurance policy is to protect the policy holder’s financial assets in the event of their death. The policy holder’s beneficiaries receive payments from the policy that help pay for obligations like mortgages, loans, and burial expenses. Additional funds from the payout can be used for living expenses for the policy holder’s surviving dependents.

The insured must pay a periodic premium to keep the policy active. Premiums are based on factors like age, gender, and health.

Some life insurance policies do not cover certain types of death, such as accidental or suicide. The experts at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC in the Groveport, OH area can customize a policy that covers almost any circumstance that concerns you.

Types of Life Insurance Policies

  • Whole life policies use a portion of the premiums paid to fund a tax-free investment account. This account builds cash value that the insured can draw from while still alive, or can be used to increase beneficiary payouts.
  • Variable life policies start with lower premiums. Premium amounts rise as the insured ages. These policies can build cash value in the later years.
  • Term life policies have a premium payment schedule that does not change. The insured agrees to pay premiums for a certain length of time, or term. There is no cash value built, so the death benefit is a fixed amount.

Why You Need Life Insurance

  • The death of a family’s primary wage earner can leave dependents vulnerable. A life insurance policy means your family won’t have to downgrade their lifestyle.
  • Life insurance payments can be used to pay for funeral expenses.
  • Outstanding loans, final expenses, and medical payments can devastate grieving survivors. Insurance payouts can be used to settle otherwise overwhelming debts.

An insurance policy protects your loved ones when you can’t. The team at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC is here to help residents in the Columbus or Groveport, OH area find life insurance policies to guard their families and financial assets.

Tornado Safety for Your Family and Home

Ten months have passed since the hectic Ohio tornado outbreak on August 24, 2016 that spawned 22 twisters. It was a frightening day for many, but it’s vital to learn from the event. While meteorologists learned their models still needed work since they didn’t forecast the outbreak’s possibility, the general public should use this as a takeaway for the need for tornado safety preparations. This includes having a safe place to weather the storm. Ohio experiences tornadoes every year, so it makes sense to prepare your Columbus or Groveport, OH home.

Safety Renovations

When you think of improvements, you might imagine a new backsplash in the kitchen or bay windows in the living room. Those changes might beautify your home, but for safety’s sake, make a storm shelter your top home improvement priority. This doesn’t have to mean building onto your home. You could reinforce the existing basement or cellar, adding a safe room in one corner. Another popular option is to reinforce a large walk-in closet to form a secure place. A contractor can help you determine an existing interior area of your home that you can convert. If you don’t want to lose interior space, install a detached storm shelter on your property. These come in below ground and above ground varieties. The key thing is to ensure you choose a contractor or storm shelter manufacturer with a proven track record. Speak with an agent at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC to learn how to acquire a home insurance policy to protect the structure of your home in these events. After a storm, damages to the outside of your home may add up to high costs. With the proper insurance policy, your home will be protected and repairs can be stress-free.

Heed Warnings

Probably the most frightening aspect of the August 2016 tornado frenzy was the lack of warning. Typically, the National Weather Service accurately forecasts weather probabilities. During this outbreak, storm spotters reported tornadoes on the ground. It is smart to buy a NOAA weather radio and set it to emit a sound when the NWS issues a tornado watch or warning.

Know the difference between a watch and a warning. 

  • A tornado watch lets you know the potential exists for tornadoes.
  • A tornado warning lets you know a tornado formed and you must take shelter immediately.
  • Remain safely in the shelter until the NWS issues the all clear. This report comes over the NOAA weather radio, just as warnings do.

You can easily remain safe from tornadoes. Ensure your home has a storm shelter to accommodate your family safely. Contact Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC of Groveport, OH about remodeling to make your home safer and how it can affect your home insurance. You’ll not only increase your family’s safety but the value of your home, too.

In Groveport OH, Are Businesses Required To Carry A Specific Amount Of Commercial Insurance?

The agents of Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC can help business owners in Groveport, OH determine how much commercial insurance they may need to protect themselves from financial loss if something would happen to their company. Every business is different. Retail businesses have a large inventory, while a production or manufacturing company may have millions of dollars of equipment. Most states do not require companies to carry a specific amount of commercial insurance, although it is recommended to carry some type of liability insurance in case someone is injured on the property.

Unlike auto insurance, states normally do not set specific insurance limits on commercial business policies. It is recommended, however, that all businesses carry liability insurance. Liability insurance does not protect the assets of the building but instead protects the company from lawsuits that can arise from an employee or a visitor receiving an injury. Workers compensation insurance will cover the majority of an employee’s medical bills, but it will not cover long term or extended care if the injury causes permanent damage.

The agents at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC understands how important it is to protect your business from various types of loss. Business owners living in the Groveport, OH area are encouraged to call an agent today and discuss what options are available to them. The agent will evaluate all of your insurance needs and find a policy that offers you the financial security and peace of mind you need. Once your policy is in place, they will review and update your policy as needed allowing you to have the coverage you need at all times. Reach out to us to learn how a commercial insurance policy can benefit your business.

Should You Drop Full Coverage After Your Car is Paid Off?

When it comes to insuring your car there are a ton of questions that most people tend to have. One that pops up more often than not is, “Do you still need full coverage once your car is paid off?" Though there is no simple way to answer this question, there are a few different things that you should consider when making the decision to drop full coverage. For those living in the Groveport, OH area, our agents at Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC can go into more depth but here are a few basics.

For starters, you should consider the area in which you live. It has been found that if you live in big cities, you are more likely to come in contact with a larger number of drivers which may mean you need more coverage. Also, living in a larger city increases your risk of break-in, theft, and vandalism so a full coverage policy may not be the worst idea even if you no longer have a car note.

Another thing to keep in mind is how often you drive. If you are on the highway every day and you are constantly driving, you are more likely to get into an accident and could, therefore, benefit from a full coverage policy. Similarly, if you do not drive often, you may be fine with nothing more than liability coverage.

Still another factor to consider is the value of the car. If you have a car that is still worth a great deal of money, a full coverage policy is going to best protect your investment. If you live in the Groveport, OH area and have further questions, the helpful agents with Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC can help fill you in and get your policy in order. Reach out to us today by phone or stop by our office to set up an appointment with one of our agents today!

Add This To Your Fire Extinguisher : Other Safety Precautions You Can Take To Protect Your Home From Fire

Add This To Your Fire Extinguisher…and Don’t Smoke It!

Whether you have a homeowners insurance policy with Keystone Insurance Agency LLC or are considering purchasing one we want you to consider how important it is for you to protect your home from fire. Serving the Groveport, OH and surrounding areas, we are more than happy to sit down with you and discuss how your policy can protect your assets and help restore your home in the event a fire occurs. 

What To Do And What To Have On Hand

Fire protection is a big issue in the education system today. Your children are well educated on what to do in the event of a fire. School districts do a great job in bringing in professionals, providing fire drills and curriculum-based fire safety information. Children are encouraged to implement fire safety protocols in their home as well. Having a safety plan for fire and an evacuation route is a great idea. Family discussions surrounding what to do in the event of fire is an excellent way to ensure your family is safe and your home is sound. 

What should be added to your standard fire extinguisher is also key in protecting your family and home from fire. In addition to you and your family’s fire safety intel and practice, there are some items that should be a part of a safe home. 

Groveport, OH residents, should have flame resistant items in their home such as baby blankets, curtains and children’s  pajamas. Smoke detectors in key areas and proper egress windows in basements are just a few of the physical items that should be a part of a safe home. Contact us today at Keystone Insurance Agency LLC to discuss your home insurance policy. 

What Happens if You Lie About Your Driving History on Your Auto Policy?

Drivers are required by law to report their accurate driving history to their insurance agency when they apply for a policy in order to create an accurate policy that reflects their driving history. Your driving history does affect your overall rates, premiums, and what companies are willing to insure you so lying on your policy might be tempting. So what happens if you lie on your policy about your driving history? For those that live in the Groveport, OH area, the agents with Keystone Insurance Agency LLC can help.

For starters, it is difficult to lie on an application for auto insurance and get away with it for a few different reasons. Insurance companies require that you give them both the vin number of the car that is being insured and the number on your state issued license. This does a few different things. It first off tells the insurance agency what the state of your driving privileges are. If you have a revoked license, a check will reflect that. A check will also pull up your state driving record. This will tell the agency just what accidents you have been in and what driving infractions you have committed.

Another stop that keeps you from lying is the vin number of your car. Again, a simple check will show your agency what accidents the car has been involved in and will help establish an accurate record. This means that even if you lie on your policy application, the agency is going to run a check and catch fraudulent applications likely resulting in the insurance company refusing to cover the driver. For those in the Groveport, OH area, the agents with Keystone Insurance Agency can help you to create an accurate record for your application.

Homeowner Insurance Groveport, OH

Homeowners insurance protects a property owner from financial distress when a disaster hits. Ohio is a state known for cold winter risk. Property owners in Groveport, OH can protect themselves from the costly, unexpected expense of home repairs and replacement of contents with a homeowners insurance policy.

Homeowners insurance coverage also mitigates property owner liability for guest injury, and legal responsibility for out-of-pocket for medical bills, and court fees.

Disaster Risk Insurance Coverage

Winter damage to a home can significantly reduce the market value of an investment. A property owner can protect themselves from reduced real estate worth with a homeowners insurance agreement. Homeowners insurance compensates and owner for repairs and other costs for building repairs and replacement of interior contents after a risk event.

Liability Risk Protection

Guest injury on a property can lead to expensive medical bills and even legal fees for a homeowner without liability insurance. A homeowners liability insurance policy protects an owner by paying for hospital bills, treatment costs, and attorney fees after a guest has filed an injury claim.

Homeowners Insurance Protection

Comprehensive Coverage – recuperates costs for property damage repair and related injury liability expenses following a risk incident.

Individual Coverage – protects a property owner’s family from outstanding debt obligations and outstanding mortgage payment obligations after a serious accident or death.

Packaged Indemnity Agreements – compensates for losses of real property or personal property resulting from theft or natural disaster.

Combined Life Coverage – life insurance and homeowners insurance in a single policy may include liability, property damage, end-of-life coverage, as well as benefits to designated beneficiaries.

To find out more about homeowners insurance policy premiums claims grace periods, and terms and conditions in Groveport OH, or to obtain a quote, contact Keystone Insurance Agency LLC.